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The principal activity of J W COMM is geomarketing: the development and assessment of the impact of georeferenced information on consumption.



At J W COMM we believe that the development and improvement of the human condition depend on the accessibility and comprehension of information in a useable form.



J W COMM’s mission is to develop and integrate georeferenced information on populations and their environment into decision support structures and processes. Our activity contributes to sustainable change in a variety of contexts by improving access to knowledge and visualization tools for policymakers in the areas of health, education, employment, ageing and regional development, among others. Our innovative designs, methods and applications use desktop and cloud technologies (ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, GeoDA, SatScan, SATA, SPSS, etc.) to build client capacity through optimal management and development strategies of location-based Business Intelligence


What we do
Map 01 • “Post Offices in Canada with Minority Official Language Obligations in 2017”

Locate and describe your population

The location and description of a client population according to its characteristics allows several levels of analysis ranging from simple questions like “Who are my clients? How many service users are there? and “Where are they? to the more complex algorithms and models of multivariate spatial analysis for the creation of typologies or profiles of geolocated target clientele.


Analysis of customer penetration

How well did your service offer succeed?
The analysis of actual or potential market penetration reveals the geographic location where a service provider has reached its potential clientele. This information is essential for policy and program development strategy. The case of Jeffery Hale Hospital services (Québec) and Hôpital Montfort service users (Ottawa) is used as an example. This type of analysis answers questions at many levels and indicates where and how well a service offer succeeded.

Map 02 • “Description of the distribution of health services clientele according to their vulnerability profile: the case of JHSB and Montfort Hospital”
Map 03 • “Targeting response pools during a CROP-CHSSN survey”

Client targeting

The mapping of development plans and the management of geographically based activities over time reveal how well certain populations have been reached. This example of a CROP-CHSSN survey in 2019 shows the survey progress in reaching quotas of a representative random sample of targeted linguistic minorities in the province of Quebec.


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The Business

Our activity is focused on the processes of applied research and includes several steps including the creation, application, analysis and profiling of georeferenced performance indicators in the health, education and other service sectors. J W COMM has developed a set of procedures and methods for evaluating the goals and needs of customers before handling and transforming data to maximize their utility to customers.

J W COMM is always looking for innovations in the analysis and visualization of georeferenced information to improve its service offering.


We believe that the present and future of Canada will depend on the equitable treatment of Official Language Minority Communities and other targeted minority populations. The analysis and visualization of these populations within their context supports the development of actions (policies, programs and civic actions) that will guarantee their equitable access to necessary resources and services. We believe that the future of humankind in their quest for quality of life and fulfillment of human potential depends on the organization and interaction of populations at various geographic levels. The analysis and visualization of location play a key role in this development process.


J W COMM offers information development solutions to the public and private sectors in the domains of health, education, regional planning and development and retail marketing. More specifically, our analyses focus on specific population segments in their relevant contexts. We first develop a local picture of the client population context (neighbourhoods, municipalities, regions…) using key indicators. We then use analytical and visualization methods to link these local realities faced by specific populations to the larger population context at other geographic levels.

The J W COMM mandate fulfillment process includes the creation, application, analysis and visualization of geographically referenced performance indicators. J W COMM has developed a set of procedures and methods for evaluating the goals and needs of customers before handling and transforming data to maximize their utility to customers. J WD is constantly looking for innovations in the analysis and visualization of information to integrate into its current offering.

Traditionally tied to desktops, J W COMM has now developed a series of tools for the management and visualization of geographically referenced data to meet the growing need for collaborative structures for data acquisition, storage, manipulation and analysis through cloud-based ArcGIS Online.